About us

Corey and Sherry are dedicated to meeting your 360° photo and video requirements

Corey Gill


Sherry Baker

Corey and Sherry hail from Newfoundland and are currently living in Clearwater, BC.  They both have a love for gadgets, technology, travel, airshows, and Doctor Who.  

While Sherry has just recently discovered that she enjoys creating logos and is working on learning to develop websites (she designed this one! Work in progress…), Corey has had a passion for photography his entire life and has been taking 360° photos since before there were dedicated 360° cameras (sample of older 360° panoramas).  Today, outside of his IT career, Corey enjoys taking 180°, 360°, and 3D photos and videos and is a Google Street View Trusted Pro

Corey and Sherry
Disney World March 2018

Together they want to show you how Virtual Tours and utilizing tools such as Google Street View can enhance your business profile.  They are especially excited to introduce you to preserving and showcasing your world in 360° & 3D, where every time you view it’s like being